Review of Album I Apologize (Leon and Ginger Youngblood Managed the Artist associated with this album)

I Apologize, while credited to Ginuwine, is not an official release but has acceptance to his catalog. It peaked at #50 on Billboards Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Leon Youngblood along with his wife Ginger Youngblood both managed the main vocalist featured on the album,prior to the album's release Leon Youngblood had arranged several meeting with Atlantic Records, Sony Music, and Columbia Records who flew Leon Youngblood and the vocalist to New York to meet for an audition for a recording contract. This album did very well considering it did not have a massive promotion budget Youngblood told George Varga in an interview with the Union Tribune Newspaper that the album "was supposed to be billed as a 'Ginuwine Presents' album" " Youngblood stated "the album did very well, its the first time I worked with anyone who cracked #50 on the billboard charts, Im very proud of that fact" Youngblood quickly contacted Matt Wurgaft of Columbia Records who immediately seen the talent in his artist and set up an audition with the Director of A&R for his artist. Youngblood went on to say: "Matt Wurgaft is one of those individuals you would be happy to know and have in your corner, Matt unlike thousands of other A&R guys can quickly detect real talent, my hats are off to him and hopefully I get another chance to work with him in the future." Leon Youngblood is the Director of Urban Music at and credits Law School candidate Matt Wurgaft with opening doors for him that where previously closed.:REF George Varga aricles: (San Diego Union Tribune,Leon Youngblood has appeared in three articles about the music business. Leon Youngblood is known as the pioneer of music for San Diego he was the first manager and music promoter to bring major labels to San Diego, May 19TH is Leon Youngblood Day in San Diego, he received a proclamation from the Honorable Mayor Susan Golding)

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